Lamina Colonial De PVC Spanish ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tile for Colombia
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Lamina Colonial De PVC Spanish ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Tile for Colombia

Thickness: 2-3mm
Length: 1050mm
Surface color: Gray/red,accept custom
Surface Treatment: Embossing
Useful life: About 30 years
Fire Protection: B1
Advantage: Easy to install / weather resistance
Shape: Bamboo Shape
Brand Name:
  • R1050

  • Pingyun

  • 39259000

Product Description

                                          PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                                        

                                                                                                      PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL

resin roof tile roofing shingles

plastic corrugated roofing shingles asa

heat insulated asa synthetic resin roof tilepvc roofing shingles  

                                         PRODUCT APPLICATION                                         

                                                                                                      PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL

blue asa roofing shingles

                                          PRODUCT PERFORMANCE                                    

                                                                                                        PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL

                                           PRODUCT INSTALLATION                                     

                                                                                                          PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL

                                             PACKING & DELIVERY                                         

                                                                                                         PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL

synthetic resin roof tile roofing shinglesasa pvc plastic roofing shingles

Product Details
roofing shingles
shingles roof
upvc roofing sheet
How to distinguish the bad Synthetic resin roof tile?
1. When burning it emits a pungent smell, this show that the main material is recycled resin , which is easy to crack and has a short service life. 2. The surface layer and bottom layer of the resin tile are not smooth, and the color is dim and uneven.These show that this kind of roof tile comes from the production equipment eliminated by the big factory.Looks not well. 3. You can step the crest of the resin tile into a plane. If  there are cracks, indicating that the calcium powder is added too more. If it can not recover soon,this show that the plasticizer is added too much.4. Good quality synthetic resin roof tile, flame retardant level B1. The fire would be go out as soon as out of the fire, and no irritating odor.The bad one is very easy to burning,and have thick black smoke.

Product name

ASA synthetic resin roof tile

Raw materials


Surface materials




Total Width



Max length in 40ft container 11.8m

Max length in 20ft container 5.8m




4500sqm-6000sqm / 40HQ

Purlin distance

880mm for 2.5mm

1000mm for 3.0mm

Screws and caps

4 sets for one square meter


Spanish bamboo royal


white, blue, green, gray,brick red, yellow, etc.

Color lasting

30 years with ASA


1-4 layers

Warrant period

20 years

Product life

About 30 years, even more longer without man-made distrcution.


1.Excellent heat resistant and Anti-corrosive

2. The variety of colors and patterns
3. High intensity, resist erosion, anti aging
4. Fireproof, waterproof, environmental friendly
5. Easy setting and cleaning


Villa, residential house, prefabricated house, pavilion, and some other projects, etc.

Company Information

                                            COMPANY INFORMATION                                     

                                                                                                         PIMGYUN INTERNATIONAL

roofing synthetic resin roof tile

asa pvc roof

Established in 2 0 0 1 , PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL is a leading manufacturer for plastic roofing sheet in china.After 1 7 years ' stable

development , we can provide a wide range of products such as Synthetic resin roof tile ,UPVC roof sheet , Transparent FRP roof sheet ,

Polycarbonate sheet , which can be widely used in residential house , industrial warehouse , agricultural house , sunhouse , greenhouse , 

and so on , and our annual output has reached 5 million square meters .

As a professional roofing solutions provider , we believe the power of quality product can trans form lives to a better one . With 

hardworking of our team , our products have beenexported to India , Indonesia , Thailand ,Cambodia , Libya , Dubai , France , Colombia ,

Mexico , south africa, Kenya and other many countries .


Sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to our company for business cooperation !

                                                    OUR SERVICES                                                

                                                                                                           PIMGYUN INTERNATIONAL

1 Professional quality control System and On-time delivery 

2. Supply lechnical guidance for installation.

3. OEM&ODM also provid customized service.

4. Qualified by SGS/ISO9001

5. Provide professional advic for you engineering design 

6. We will kecp secret for customer sale arca, design ideas and all other private informarion.


                                                      F      A     Q                                                     

                                                                                                      PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL

Q1:I like your product, could you send me the samples?

A1:Of course, we can send you the sanples for free, just need your courier number. 


Q2:I want to buy this product urgently, how about your delivery time for one container?

A2:We have 22 production lines, we can produce one container about 2 days, once get your advance payment, we will arrange the 

loading within 7 days. 


Q3:What's the guarantee time of this product?

A3:For plastic ASA PVC roof tiles, our guarantee time is 10 years, but its life time is about 20 years,   even more longer without 

man-made disdruction. 


Q4:Can you give me the beat price?

A4:Yes we can. we are the manufacturer directly supplier of roof tile.


Send inquiry to us! You will get competitive price and professional service!


Descripción del producto:

La Lámina Colonial de PVC Spanish ASA es una teja de resina sintética ideal para techos en Colombia. Este producto ha sido ampliamente utilizado en villas, casas residenciales, casas prefabricadas y pabellones.

Con un tono de voz profesional, esta lámina de techo ofrece una solución duradera y estéticamente atractiva para proteger su hogar. Fabricada con materiales de alta calidad, garantiza resistencia a los elementos climáticos adversos, como la lluvia, el sol y el viento.

La Lámina Colonial de PVC Spanish ASA es fácil de instalar y requiere poco mantenimiento, lo que la convierte en una opción conveniente para cualquier tipo de construcción. Su diseño colonial agrega un toque de elegancia y estilo a su hogar, brindando un aspecto clásico y sofisticado.

Este producto cumple con los estándares de calidad más exigentes, asegurando una larga vida útil y protección confiable para su propiedad. Además, su resistencia al fuego y a los impactos la convierten en una opción segura y confiable.

No importa si está construyendo una villa, una casa residencial, una casa prefabricada o un pabellón, la Lámina Colonial de PVC Spanish ASA es la opción perfecta para su proyecto. Asegure la durabilidad y la belleza de su techo con este producto de calidad superior.


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