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  • Q When we install the roof tiles, how should we fix them?

    A There are special waterproof accessories and self-tapping screws to fix the roof tiles, usually it need about 4sets of screws per square meter.
  • Q How about the advantages about PVC roof sheet compared with galvanized steel roof, fiber cement roof tile ?

    Material Property PVC roof Tile Steel roof tile Cement roof tile Clay roof tile
    Average lifespan 10-30years 8years 10years 10years
    Heat insulation Excellent Bad Good Good
    Anti corrosion Excellent Easy rusty Good Good
    Waterproof Excellent Bad Bad Bad
    Combustibility Not combustible Not combustible Not combustible Not combustible
    Thermal Conductivity 0.325W/M. K 6.52W/M.K 1.625W/M.K 0.975W/M.K
    Soundproof Excellent Bad Excellent Excellent
    Light weight Very light Heavy Very heavy Very heavy
    Easy installation Easy to overlap Easy to overlap Complex Complex
    Environmental Recyclable Not recyclable Not recyclable Not recyclable

  • Q How long will the color of your product last?

    A If you need the products with the ASA surface, it can keep about 30years, if no ASA surface, we suggest you can choose white or blue color.
  • Q What color can you produce?

    A Our normal colors are white, blue, gray, red, brick red, green according to our color swatch, of course, customized colors are available if you like.
  • Q How about the different usage for Synthetic resin roof tile and PVC roof sheet?

    A Usually, Synthetic resin roof tile including royal roof tile and Roma roof tile can be used for residence, garden, pavilion, because they are very beautiful; PVC roof sheet and PVC hollow roof sheet can be used for warehouse, plant, farm and some other commercial usages.
  • Q I want to buy this product urgently, how about your delivery time for one container?

    A We have 22 production lines, so we can produce one container in about 2days.
  • Q Our country is very hot,do you have the insulation for your product?

    A Of course,our PVC hollow roof sheet can keep the temperature difference up to 8degrees indoor and outdoor,other product is about 5 degree.
  • Q I like your product. Could you send me the samples?

    Of course, we can send you our samples for free. We only need your courier Number.
  • Q What's your main product?

    A Our main products are PVC roof sheet, 3 layers UPVC roof sheet, PMMA coated roof tiles, ASA resin roof sheet (Royal style roof tile,Roma style roof tile), PVC Twin wall panel, PVC translucent roof sheet, FRP roof sheet, PVC flat panel.

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