Roma Style ASA PVC Roof Tile Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet For House Building
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Roma Style ASA PVC Roof Tile Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet For House Building

Pingyun PVC roof tiles:heat insulation,anti-corrrosion,anti-impact,UV-resistant,color stable,light weight,fire proof,good sound-proof,waterproof,environmental friendly
Brand Name:
  • Roma R1080
  • Pingyun
Product Description

--Roma Style ASA PVC Roof Tile Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet For House BuildingS--

--Product Description

PingYun R1080 use high weather-resistant ASA material to protect color stable for more than 30 years,it has widely used to villa,residential house ,prefabricated house and pavilion.
Roma Style-Product Details

PY-R108026-1         26-2

Style Material Width Length Thick Weight Quantlty
R1080 ASA-PVC 1080mm Max 11.8m 2.5mm 5.15kg/sqm 5500sqm/40HQ
R1080 ASA-PVC 1080mm Max 11.8m 3.0mm 6.1kg/sqm 4300sqm/40HQ

Roma Style-Different Types

Roma transparent R1050 grey Roma R1050 (1)orange Roma R1050 (2)




Three way ridge:3-way ridge is used as the joining the element side ridge between for a the linear four-slope ridge roof. 


Top ridge Tile ridge: Install top ridge from one side cut the first tile in half to  avoid the crossover of four sheets on the overlap.


Roof tile:Overlap by one wave and every sheet to should be assembled as close as  possible to the one overlapped.Cut the first sheet of second row in half to avoid the crossover of four sheets in the overlap.  


L angle eave tile:After finishing assembling of main tiles. fix the L angle eave tile on the last row of tiles by supplied fittings.


Eave Tile:The eave tile is supplied only for choice. Inset the eave tile into the bottom of main tile and be fixed.


Side ridge:Install side ridge tile from bottom to top with a overlap of 50mm.Align the side ridge in a straight line.


Side ridge end cap:After finishing the assembling of the side ridge,insert the end cap ridge and be fixed.


The Purlin:The purlin space is 800mm for 2.5mm thickness and 1000mm for thickness 3.0mm.


Valley Gutter:Fix the valley gutter made in plastic or metal on the of valley purlins before the installation of main tile.The sheets corresponding to the valley line must be pte-shaped before positioning.


Application Scenarios

asa spanish roof tileapplication (37)


Excellent Features


Long-lasting Color (at least 10 years)
The product features ultra durability in natural environment.Even under tough conditions of exposure to UV,high temperature and freezing coldness,it still keeps stable color.
Excllent Anti-corrosion performance
Synthetic Resin Tile can resist longterm acid ,alkali and salt corrosion ,etc.Tests have proved that there would be no chemical reaction after soaking in salt and alikali and various acid under 60% .It is ideal for application in areas where acid rain is common.
Good Waterproofing Performance
Synthetic Resin Tile selects highly weater-resistant resin,which is dense and absorbing no water,with no pore penetration problem.The product is 45% wider than traditional tiles with less roof contact,so synthetic resin,s waterproof performance has greatly increased than traditional tiles.
Strong Fire Resistance 
Belonging flame retardant material,with fire resistance ≥ B1 as tested by national authoritative departments according to GBB8624-2006 standard.
Excellent Heat Insulating Property
The heat conductivity coefficient is 0.325w/m.k,about 1/300 of clay tile ,1/50 of cement tile,and 1/2000 of thick color steel tile.Therefore without condidering ading heat-preserving layer ,the heat insulation and heat preservation of synthetic resin tile can still be optimized.
Good sound insulation
Tests have proved that synthetic resin tiles have excellent noise absorption function when suffered heavy rains and strong winds.

--Test Report


1. Factory's Scale

Area covered 25000 m2
Month Capacity 100 containers
200 Skilled employ
22 Production Lines
We have totally 22 production lines to meet customers demand for large orders and different styles.

2. Sales Volume
Occupy 35% market share
Sales $16.2 million yearly
Ship container monthly
Continuous supply to large distributors

3. Perfect products
We have over 10 years of production and export experience and have been improving our technology and using excellent raw materials, our products are of high quality.
We have many large distributors in different countries, they keep placing orders and the market is selling well.

4. 10 days lead time
Generally, we could finish the production of goods in 10 days.
5. Production diversification
We could produce different color, width, thickness,length and waveform for various application and climate.
You could find almost all the styles in our company and we often develop new waveforms.

6. Government cooperator
We are supplier of many government projects like 2008 Olympic Game project, Guangzhou Asian Games and South market.
7. Guarantee and Quick feedback for after-sales
The warranty period of our product is 10 years.
Please contact us in time when you have any questions.

8. Free training for installation
We have detailed installation guide to help you.
9. Strict quality control system
We have several links to ensure quality in the process of production and loading.
10. OEM service
If you want to produce unique waveform, we can provide help in mold and production.

Q1. Can I have a sample?
A: Yes, free samples are available, we only need customer to afford the express freight.
Q2. What about the delivery time?
A: Mass production needs 10days within 10000 square meters.
Q3. Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 10 years warranty to our products.
Q4. What colors can you produce?
A: We have many common colors like white, blue, brick red, green, grey, etc and also could customize special colors for you.
Q5. What length can you produce?
A: We could customize length for you. Max length of 5.8 meters for 20 feet container and 11.8 meters for 40 feet container.
Q6. What category do you have?
A: We mainly have Spanish and Roma styles for residential house, PVC trapezoidal and wave styles for factory and warehouse, PVC hollow roof&wall sheet for kinds of buildings, PVC translucent roof sheet for day lighting and so on.
Q7. What are the applications of PVC roof sheet ?
A: PVC roof sheet can be used in farm construction, paper mill construction, site construction, warehouse construction, factory construction, garage construction, winery, brick factory, chemical factory and other almost all kinds of environmental projects.


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