Pavillion Orange Heat Insulation PVC Roof Tile
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Pavillion Orange Heat Insulation PVC Roof Tile

  • Material: Synthetic resin, ASA PVC
  • Feature: Fireproof, waterproof, soundproof
  • Color: Red, gray, black, blue, green.etc can customize
  • Thickness: 2.3mm-3.0mm
  • Width: 1050mm, 1080mm
  • Length: 5.8m or customized
  • MOQ: 1000 Square Meters
Brand Name:
  • R1050

  • PingYun

Product Description

asa pvc roofing sheet

asa pvc plastic roof tiles

PingYun asa pvc roof tiles use high weather-resistant ASA material to protect color stable for more than 30 years, it has widely used tovilla, residential house, prefabricated house and pavilion.

roof tiles


pvc sheet

Real Picture

roofing shingles

roof panel

Installation Instructions

Pingyun Spanish pvc roofing sheet Main accessories description:

(1)3-way ridge:it is used as the joining element between the linear ridge and the side ridge for a four-slope roof.
(2)Top ridge tile:Install top ridge from one side and cut the first tile in half to avoid the crossover of four sheets on the
(3)roof tile:Overlap by one wave and every sheet should be assembled as close as possible to the one overlapped.Cut the first
sheet of second row in half to avoid the crossover of four sheets in the overlap.
(4)Side ridge:install side ridge tile from bottom to top with a overlap of 50mm .Align the side ridge in a straight line.

(5)Purlin:The purlin space is 800mm for 2.5mm thicness and 1000 mm for thickness 3.0mm.

plastic roof tiles


ASA PVC Roof Sheet Application:
1.Roofing for workshop, warehouse farmhouse,villa and market etc;
2.Garden, greenhouse, and indoor fish farming sheds;
3.Shed for cars, corridor, passageway and balcony etc;
4.Waiting room of modern railway station, bus station, docks of ferries, airports etc.

techos para casasplastic roofing sheets

Company Profile

pvc roof manufacturerexhibition photos

PINGYUN INTERNATIONAL is manufacturer and have totally 22 production lines to meet customer demand for large orders and different styles. Our production capacity per month is 100 containers., mainly manufacture synthetic resin tiles, hollow wall board, hollow corrugated tiles, out door decorative board and more than 10 kinds of products. Our products are widely used in the workhouse, chemical workhouse, residential building, rural house, outdoor and indoor decoration, fitting-out works and roof change projects. Test show that our products are better than color steel sheet in every aspect.

roofing sheets

Our Advantage

We have over 10 years of production and export experience and have been improving our technology and using excellent raw materials, our products are of high quality.
Occupy 35% market share, Sales $16.2 million yearly, Ship container monthly, Continuous supply to large distributors.
Generally, we could finish the production of goods in 10 days.
We have several links to ensure quality in the process of production and loading.

If you want to produce unique waveform, we can provide help in mold and production.

text introduction

Introducing the Pavillion Orange Heat Insulation PVC Roof Tile - a top-notch solution for your roofing needs. Designed with utmost precision, this product is perfect for various applications including villas, residential houses, prefabricated houses, and pavilions.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, this heat insulation PVC roof tile ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Its vibrant orange color adds a touch of elegance to any structure, creating a visually appealing and modern aesthetic.

Not only does this roof tile provide superior protection against external elements, but its heat insulation properties also contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. Say goodbye to excessive heat during scorching summers and embrace a cool and pleasant atmosphere within your living spaces.

Engineered to meet professional standards, this product guarantees easy installation and hassle-free maintenance. Its lightweight nature simplifies the roofing process, making it ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

Invest in the Pavillion Orange Heat Insulation PVC Roof Tile and experience unparalleled quality, versatility, and reliability. Transform your villa, residential house, prefabricated house, or pavilion into a haven of comfort and style. Trust in this exceptional product to safeguard your property and elevate its overall appeal.

Choose the Pavillion Orange Heat Insulation PVC Roof Tile - the epitome of professionalism and excellence in the roofing industry.


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