Properties and applications of polycarbonate solid sheet
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Properties and applications of polycarbonate solid sheet

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Polycarbonate solid sheet can also be called PC solid sheet, which has excellent properties such as lightweight, sound insulation, and UV resistance. It is because of its excellent performance and the special characteristics of the material that it has been widely recognized by architectural design and decoration projects in recent years. Polycarbonate sheet sales in the international market are growing at a rate of 20% per year, and a variety of domestic construction projects are now using polycarbonate solid sheets, making this material accumulate valuable experience in the promotion of domestic.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Properties of polycarbonate solid sheet

  • Product applications of polycarbonate solid sheet

Properties of polycarbonate solid sheet

Polycarbonate solid sheet is used quite a lot in renovation, mostly because it has excellent properties that can bring greater benefits to users in using it. One of them is thermal performance. Polycarbonate solid sheet has a melting temperature of 135℃, and after continuous use, its temperature can reach 120℃. Its embrittlement temperature is -40℃, and its continuous use temperature is -30℃, which is better than general plastic. Its surface is treated with high-tech anti-UV special technology and after long-term use still maintains the optical properties of the product itself, not easy to be exposed to UV radiation and rapid aging. Second, the mechanical properties, its impact resistance is good, is the same thickness of glass 250 times, is 30 times the acrylic sheet. It is good bending resistance, even if the bending angle is up to 90 °, still does not break. Third, the weight characteristics, of polycarbonate solid sheet is 1/2 of the same thickness as glass, because the material is light, and not easy to break, highlighting its easy-to-install performance, which can effectively save installation costs. In addition, it has a good sound insulation effect and is a green material for highway noise barriers around the world.

Product use of polycarbonate solid sheet

Polycarbonate solid sheet is a sheet that can replace glass, is not fragile, and is lighter than glass. Its light roof is very translucent and looks no different from glass from the inside, and its aging resistance is also very strong. One, the highway sound barrier is recommended to use a polycarbonate solid sheet of 6mm thickness or more specifications, and the installation should take into account the factors of that wind load. Secondly, the bus stop display screens and advertising light box are recommended to use 4mm-5mm thickness of three-dimensional high-transmittance or semi-transmittance polycarbonate solid sheet. Thirdly, the top cover of the stadium is also recommended to use polycarbonate solid sheet, which can provide a high degree of light transmission and make energy cost saving in cooling and brightening effects.

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