Introduction of corrugated PVC roof tiles
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Introduction of corrugated PVC roof tiles

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The function of roof tiles for modern buildings is no longer just to shelter the house from the wind and rain. For example, for PVC roof tiles, and roof tile selection to focus on insulation and other properties, in the construction, you need to consider the roof tile heat dissipation, ventilation, and other issues. Especially with the advent of the industrialization era, a large number of industrial plants need roof tile materials to form a large new market. It is this need that gives rise to the requirements for new roofing materials. Lightweight, beautiful, environmentally friendly, waterproof and fireproof, sound and heat insulation PVC roof tiles new materials have come to the roof tiles.

The following is a list of contents:

  • The introduction of corrugated PVC roof tiles

  • The characteristics of corrugated PVC roof tiles

The introduction of corrugated PVC roof tiles

Corrugated PVC roof tile is a kind of circular arch waveform PVC roof tile, tile, and tile with close cooperation between the symmetry is good, the upper and lower tile surface can not only be laid in a straight line but also can be staggered. Corrugated PVC roof tiles can be used not only for the roof as a tile surface due to its shape but also for the wall surface close to 90° as a decoration with a chic style. Today's corrugated PVC roof tiles are mainly used on sloping roofs with a waterproof rating of two, whose corrugated PVC roof tiles should have a roof slope greater than 20%. When the load-bearing layer of corrugated PVC roof tiles is concrete roof panel and wood roof panel, the external insulation, and heat insulation layer should be set, and if there is no roof panel, the internal insulation and heat insulation layer can be set. Our company provides hot and good sound insulation wave PVC roof tiles. Its model is PVC roofing sheet W1130, which is one of the most popular styles in the world. It has a width of 1130mm, a maximum length of 11.8m, and common thicknesses of 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm. One layer of PVC roof tiles can meet the needs of a thin thickness of simple shade. For bright colors, such as red, blue, green, etc., it is recommended to add ASA coating, which will keep the color from the surface for at least 10 years without fading.

The characteristics of corrugated PVC roof tiles

Corrugated PVC roof tile products are widely used in factories, warehouses, farm buildings, and chemical plants. Nowadays more and more professional manufacturers of PVC roof tiles are focusing on solving the problems of heat insulation, anti-corrosion, and fire protection of tiles. Our corrugated PVC roof tiles of your company have many advantages over traditional roof tiles. For example, PVC roofing shingles are a safe building material that has passed the building fire rating and has a more stable color. It also does well in waterproofing, and water cannot pass through PVC roofing shingles. Not only that, PVC roof tiles have excellent load-bearing performance, which can withstand 150kgs, and after installation, people can stand on the roof. Regarding sound insulation, PVC roof tiles have less noise than other roofing materials, for example, when it rains, LT can create 30dB less noise than steel roofs.

Our company is huge, in which we cover 25,000 square meters, with a monthly capacity of 100 containers and 200 skilled employees. And our product warranty is 10 years, which is a guaranteed after-sales service. Our company also provides OEM service, if you want to produce unique corrugated PVC roof tiles, we can help with mold and production. If you are interested in our corrugated PVC roof tiles, you can check our company website:, we are looking forward to your visit.

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