Introduction of Spanish-style PVC roof tiles
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Introduction of Spanish-style PVC roof tiles

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PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure, a small branched degree, a relative density of about 1.4, a glass transition temperature of 77~90℃, decomposition starts around 170℃, poor stability to light and heat, above 100℃ or by long time sunlight exposure, it will decompose and produce hydrogen chloride, and further auto-catalytic decomposition, causing discoloration, physical and mechanical properties also decline rapidly, in the practical application must be added Stabilizer to improve the stability of heat and light. It can be processed into PVC roof tiles by special processing and combination with other materials used in houses and villas. Nowadays, Spanish-style PVC roof tiles are also receiving more and more popular among consumers.

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  • Comparison of the performance of Spanish-style PVC roof tiles

  • Introduction of Spanish-style PVC roof tiles

Performance comparison of Spanish-style PVC roof tiles

With the development of the times, PVC roof shingles are also constantly updated, and their performance is the focus of increasing attention of manufacturers. PVC roofing shingles are more prominent in three aspects compared to traditional tin shingles, combined with actual use to optimize the product's performance and increase the usage rate. The first aspect is the safety factor comparison. Spanish-style PVC roofing tiles are insulating and non-conductive, improving the safety of construction and living. The traditional tin roof is close to the power pole, and in thunderstorms, thunder can be harmful to the house. The second aspect is durability comparison. After years of use, Spanish-style PVC roof tiles remain as good as new. Tin roofs, on the other hand, have a shorter service life and tend to rust over time. The third aspect is the installation comparison. Spanish-style PVC roof tiles are lightweight and easy to install. The installation of tin tiles is not convenient and requires a lot of labor and material resources.

Introduction of Spanish-style PVC roof tiles

There are many styles of PVC roof tiles, and the Spanish-style PVC roof tiles introduced by our company are unique. For example, the villa brick red standard PVC roof tile is Spanish style R1050, its color has red, brick red, green, blue, dark gray, and other colors to choose from. The red roof tiles are more atmospheric and brighter. The brick red roof tile is plain and elegant and suitable for villas. Its width is 1050mm, effective width is 960mm, thickness is 2.0mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, column spacing is 660mm/880mm, and weight is between 4.0-5,9kg/m2. Pingyun R1050 is made of highly weather-resistant ASA material, which protects the color stably for more than 30 years and has been widely used in villas, houses, prefabricated houses, and gazebos. Its roof tiles are divided into three layers, the first layer is the ASA resin surface super weatherproof, the second layer is the skeleton layer, and the third layer is the wear-resistant layer, which is brighter.

Spanish-style PVC roof tiles are very high quality no matter of performance or material, their color is more vivid and their performance is more stable, which can meet the demand of all kinds of consumers for PVC roof tiles. Our company has many years of production experience, in terms of materials and manufacturing, we pay great attention to the quality of the product, and are committed to providing the best service to our customers. If you are interested in our company's Spanish-style PVC roof tiles, you can check our company's website:, we look forward to your arrival.

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