Features and installation of twin wall PVC roof tile
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Features and installation of twin wall PVC roof tile

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PVC roofing tiles are made of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC for short) as the main raw material, supplemented by UV anti-UV agents and other chemical raw materials, after scientific proportioning. PVC roofing tiles, also known as plastic steel tiles, are a new product of color steel tiles after an update. Among them, the use of multi-layer co-extruded composite technology, the tile's surface covered with an anti-aging layer, improves the tile's weather resistance and color durability, and the bottom also increased the wear-resistant layer. Twin wall PVC roof tile has good fire resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance, and does not contain asbestos ingredients, bright colors, and environmental health. Nowadays thin wall PVC roof tile is widely used in the roof and wall of large span portal structure plants, which not only meets the anti-corrosion demand of light steel structure plants but also can save steel and reduce cost.

The following is the list of contents:

  • Features of twin-wall PVC roof tile

  • Installation of twin-wall PVC roof tile

Features of twin-wall PVC roof tile

Twin wall PVC roof tile is outstanding in heat insulation and thermal insulation. PVC hollow thermal roof tiles can be used in warehouses, chemical plants, farmhouses, wall cladding, and some other commercial applications. Our company offers a wide range of twin wall PVC roof tile products, such as heat-resistant PVC wall tiles/industrial PVC plastic hollow thermal roof tiles, insulated double wall PVC roof panels hollow roof tiles for livestock sheds, etc. Its models are T860/T910/T930, etc. The total width is 860 mm, thickness is 10 mm, and P-site distance is meter axis 1.2 m. The colors are white, blue, green, gray, brick red, yellow, and other colors are available, and the color is durable for up to 30 years. Not only that, twin wall PVC roof tiles have many excellent properties. Firstly, excellent heat and corrosion resistance. Second, the diversity of colors and patterns. Third, high strength, anti-erosion, and anti-aging. Fourth, fireproof, waterproof, and environmental protection. Fifth, easy to install and clean. It can effectively reduce the construction cost of residential buildings, improve the quality of residential buildings, reduce the self-weight of residential buildings, and can significantly shorten the construction period, thus the performance-to-price ratio is more excellent and has a wide market application basis.

Installation of twin-wall PVC roof tile

Twin wall PVC roof tile is a new light roof and wall material that is very popular in the world today. PVC roof tile has been widely recognized and used in urban building materials in China so far. Twin wall PVC roof tile itself consists of a top, middle, and bottom, the middle hollow part has good heat insulation performance, and its installation requirements are also very delicate. First, the angle of at least 10 roof pitch requirements to ensure sufficient rainwater outflow. Second, overlay the top part of the anti-leakage coupling system on the top of the underlap and overlay the subsequent ridge cap on top of at least one corrugation of the first one. third, p URL distance is recommended 1.2 m-1.6 m. Fourth, for length overlap, allow 200mm overlap for low slope roofs, and 150mm for steep roofs.

Our company as a professional PVC roof tile solution provider, not only has a professional quality control system and on-time delivery guarantee, but we also provide installation guidance, so that consumers can buy with confidence and comfort. We also provide you with professional engineering design advice. If you are interested in our company's twin-wall PVC roof tile, you can check our company's website: www.pingyungroup.com, we are looking forward to your arrival.

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