Advantages and quality requirements of polycarbonate hollow sheet
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Advantages and quality requirements of polycarbonate hollow sheet

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With the development of the times and the continuous renewal of decoration materials, several new materials of polycarbonate sheet type have appeared. Polycarbonate hollow sheet is a new type of material with high transparency and is lightweight. Compared with cardboard structure products, polycarbonate hollow sheet has the advantages of moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. Due to its special structure and good mechanical properties, it has good toughness and good bending properties. Polycarbonate hollow sheet is a high-tech, excellent overall performance, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly plastic sheet, which is a common plastic building material used internationally.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Performance of polycarbonate hollow sheet

  • Quality requirements of polycarbonate hollow sheet

Performance of polycarbonate hollow sheet

Polycarbonate hollow sheet has excellent properties according to its material properties. First, the color is rich and diverse. Due to the special molding process of polycarbonate hollow sheet, it can be color-matched by masterbatches to achieve any color, and the surface is smooth and beautiful, and the colors are complete and easy to print, so it is easier to meet the personalized needs of consumers. Second, lightweight and environmental protection. Polycarbonate hollow sheet is non-toxic and tasteless, does not produce industrial pollution, and its weight is lighter than thermoplastics, so it is easy to handle and quick to turn around. Third, the stability and corrosion resistance is good. In a long time of use, not aging, does not decompose, does not harmful substances, its chemical properties are extremely stable, will not cause degradation due to water absorption and corrosion, etc. So its performance decreases, in a high-temperature environment, can still maintain its superior performance. Fourth, heat insulation, and sound insulation, due to the hollow structure, and its heat transfer, the sound transfer effect is significantly lower than the solid plate, with good heat insulation, and sound insulation effect. Fifth, anti-static and flame retardant. It uses mixed, surface spraying, and other methods that can make it have anti-static, conductive, or flame-retardant properties.

Quality requirements of polycarbonate hollow sheet

As the use of polycarbonate sheets becomes more and more widespread, their quality requirements are also increasing. Firstly, the distance between the standing bars of the polycarbonate hollow sheet should be proportional and there should be no obvious skew. Secondly, the minimum cold radius of the polycarbonate hollow sheet should be 175 times the plate thickness, and there should be no cracks on the plate surface after bending according to the minimum bending radius. Thirdly, the appearance quality requires a smooth and flat appearance, no bubbles, cracks, or significant traces, and no deformation, depression, color difference, or other shortcomings that affect the use. Fourth, the scale error should be controlled at about five centimeters.

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